A New Season

I’m a huge sports fanatic, my two favorite sports are basketball and football. while the sports themselves are different the operational aspects are the same. The owner has a team and his goal is to win a championship for the organization. Every season starts 0-0, zero wins and zero losses. The owner buys or I’ll say invest into players, the proverbial product, He hires managers (coaches), and sales the fans (customers) on the idea that he has spent the right amount of money to produce a championship. The fans buy in to this idea via jersey sales, beers and hotdogs. All for the chance to witness the goal become a reality. Win or Lose, every year is a new season to try again because what’s better then winning a championship than to see if your team can win “Back to Back” and assert their dominance on the sport.

I would argue business is much the same in that we play four quarters every year, and every year is a new season in business. The Championship is revenue growth year over year. Can you pick the right product, hire the right managers, and build the largest and most committed fan base win or lose? Now can you do that “Back to Back”? I wish you the best in all your endeavors, until the next one, Peace and Love.

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