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Blane B Media Group, LLC creates content for your marketing strategies and social media platforms. Our goal is to tell a cohesive story with your brand message, that will impact your audience and build a brand you will be proud to bear.

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Blane B Media Group


Photography includes one photo session and an edit of 5-10 images. Session can be a portrait of one, or an event. Portraits are good for social media and promotional material.


Videography includes one video, 1- 5 minutes in length. Session includes 30-45 minute interview with B-roll. Final edit will include music, graphics, and delivered in a HD format.


Branding is the process of developing a cohesive visual story for your company. This includes: logo, color pallet, typography, layout, and images all displayed across multiple platforms from print to social media.

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With a degree in Media Art and Communication and 13 years experience, Blane B. Media Group, LLC. is a company that develops media marketing strategies for small businesses, allowing them to engage with customers and increase brand awareness.


Our approach is to work with every client as business partners not as paying customers. We consider ourselves as a marketing department within your company, we take a vested interest into your success and the quality of the products we produce for you.